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Specialist in Large Mortgages & Financing Property Values Over $1.5 Million

Experience Mortgages by Trevor Dale, CFA & Get The Most Convenient, White Glove Financing!

Mortgages By Trevor Dale, CFA - The #1 Specialist in Large Mortgages & High Value Properties!

Get The Most Convenient, White Glove Financing You’ve Ever Had, With The Most Selection and Customization!

Why Financing By Trevor Dale, CFA?

Financing by Trevor Dale, CFA is the perfect addition to your team.

☑️Unique Understanding of Your Financing Creates Convenience!

Trevor runs an investment firm, TK Dale Wealth Management, and understands what it means for the entrepreneur or intrapreneur to look for financing. This level of employment comes with unique challenges that Trevor understands.

☑️Not Stuck to One Lender!

Trevor can source financing from many banks, credit unions, alternate lenders and private lenders. Each has their own unique set of lending standards and practices and can find the best fit for you!

☑️Works With Your Team!

Whether it be your realtor, lawyer, accountant, assistant or team member, Trevor works with your entire team to make the process as easy as possible for you!

Not only will you have someone who is in your shoes…

…but someone who has their CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation.

This is the gold standard in the finance industry and speaks to the quality of Trevor Dale and the expertise that you will be getting.

Prior to starting his own wealth management firm, Trevor was a Chief Compliance Officer, Director and Portfolio Manager for a hedge fund management company.

Trevor worked on a bank trading floor working with foreign exchange, stocks, bonds, swaps, options and more.

Trevor started his career after university and the army in a bank branch where he mastered the ins and outs of retail banking.

Therefore Trevor has an incredible amount of experience in understanding your unique finances even if it is from multiple income sources or different entities.

Not only can Trevor source financing from an incredible amount of lenders…

…Trevor is quick and to the point to make the process as simple and painless as possible.

Trevor joined the army reserves at 17 and there was a saying on the wall that sticks with him to this day…

…Pay Attention to Details

And he always does!

Trevor only takes on a limited number of clients because he wants to make sure that his clients get the best results possible.

…Click the Button Below and Apply to Work With Trevor TODAY!

How to Contact Trevor Dale

Trevor Dale can be reached three ways.


  1. Hit the apply button
  2. Via phone (905) 713-7105
  3. Via email:

About Trevor Dale, CFA – Mortgage Agent & Founder of TK Dale Wealth Management

Trevor Dale has been in the investment & financing industry since 2004. He prides himself on finding the best solutions and financing properties for high net worth clients.

Prior to founding TK Dale Wealth Management Trevor was a portfolio manager, director of client services and chief compliance officer with a hedge fund management company in Toronto. He helped to launch a new fund, advised high net worth clients and was responsible for the firm’s compliance.

Trevor started his career at the age of 17 when he joined the army as a reconnaissance soldier. After university he joined a bank branch and then the bank’s trading floor where he worked with pension funds and hedge funds, trading foreign exchange, working with stocks, bonds, options, swaps and more.

He started his own company and became a mortgage agent to be able to have conversations around topics that other firms couldn’t either through a lack of licensing or expertise. Seeing the need for more than just products he utilizes wealth management as the cornerstone for all financing.

Dating back to his bank days he realized the importance of being the single point of contact for all of his clients needs. A CFO for the family.

We find the best financing so you can stay focused on what you do best.

Trevor attained his Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2014.

Trevor is a licensed mortgage broker and principal broker of TK Dale Wealth Mortgages Inc. Lic 13359

Experience Mortgages by Trevor Dale, CFA & Get The Most Convenient, White Glove Financing!

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Experience Mortgages by Trevor Dale, CFA & Get The Most Convenient, White Glove Financing!

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